5 Holiday Decorations to Keep Past Christmas


We’ve all been there: Christmas comes and goes, but we can’t bring ourselves to take down our holiday decorations. Soon enough, it’s April and you realize you still have some of your Christmas decorations on display. While many people think holiday decorations shouldn’t be displayed past Christmas, I’m here to tell you that you can get away with keeping your Christmas decorations up. Well, you can get away with keeping some of them.

  1. Interior Lights

Take a look through any home portion of online stores like Urban Outfitters and Target. You will most likely see a few rooms decorated with Christmas lights, especially white Christmas lights. In recent years, Christmas lights have become a popular decoration for bedrooms and living rooms. They seem to add a little more light to a room and a little bit of flare. So, don’t jump at the opportunity to tear down the Christmas lights in your living room and bedroom, especially if they match with your décor.

  1. Wreaths

Most people place a special Christmas wreath on their door for the holidays. Since wreaths are normal decorations for doors (especially front doors), you can definitely get away with leaving your holiday wreath hanging for a little bit longer. If you don’t feel like dismantling your entire wreath when spring finally rolls around, you could always change the color scheme and decorations on your wreath.

  1. Garland

Garland is another decoration that typically flows seamlessly with interior and exterior areas of your home. That being said, keep your garland wrapped around your railings for a little bit longer. Like your wreaths, you could always switch the color scheme and decorations in your garlands to make them more appropriate for warmer seasons.

  1. Mini Trees

If you placed mini trees throughout your home or on your doorstep, or placed a bare mini tree in your home, then you should definitely keep them up past Christmas. Typically, mini trees are made to be displayed throughout the year. So take down any ornaments and red and green decorations, and leave the bare mini trees up to liven your up throughout the year.

  1. Table Sets

Holiday table sets take a lot of creativity, time, money, and effort to create. So, it’s completely understandable when Christmas passes and you dread putting away your table set. The good news is: you don’t have to put away your table set. Instead, use it for a little bit longer. This is especially relevant to people who have a monochromatic table set that barely incorporates classic Christmas designs or colors.

Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home

Selling your home isn’t just about finding a potential buyer. There are a ton of steps you have to take to get your home into perfect selling condition. Here is a general overview of what you need to do to sell your home:

  1. Evaluate Everything

Before tackling the project of preparing your home to show potential buyers, take a step back and evaluate everything from an outsider’s perspective. Pretend that your home isn’t your home and you are a potential buyer. Are there any concerns that need to be addressed? Is anything damage? Does the overall house look clean?

Once you have a general consensus of the problem areas in your home, you can begin preparing your home to show potential buyers.

  1. Clean

Clean everything, and we mean everything. That means cleaning everything from carpets to windows, doors, and vents. Even the smallest nooks and crannies need to be clean. If you don’t want to clean yourself, you could always hire a professional cleaning service.

  1. Replace

After cleaning everything, evaluate what needs to be replaced. Are your windows working adequately and efficiently? Are light bulbs still shining brightly? Are door knobs easy to turn? These are all things you need to consider and possibly replace.

  1. Rearrange

You want to rearrange each room so the furniture complements the open space instead of taking away from it. The most important aspect of selling a home is making it easy for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the house with their belongings. So while your accent chair might be a great addition to your current bedroom, you might want to store it somewhere so potential buyers can see the true potential of your home.

  1. Don’t Forget the Exterior

Whatever you do, don’t forget the exterior. Often, sellers spend so much time focusing on the inside of their home that they forget their backyard is a mess and their siding is in need of a power wash. So, don’t forget to do some basic landscaping before selling your home.

5 Benefits of Having Regular Tree Service

For the average homeowner, it can be tough to maintain your home from both inside and out. In fact, many owners tend to make it a new year’s resolution to maintain their trees. Trees provide the beauty of elegance that enhances the home. However, poorly maintained trees can create both safety hazards and even property damage if not taken cared for.

With that said, here are benefits of having regular tree service.

Promote Better Tree Health

Regular trimming and pruning can help prolong the lifespan of the tree. This will remove the weak, damaged, and dead branches before they start to destroy and impact the health of the tree.

Not only will regular maintenance improve the overall appearance, but will also keep the desirable parts of the tree healthy. Removing unwanted branches and excess limbs will increase the overall tree production. Be sure to remove any branches that are dying or already did. Not only will this prevent the risk of damage but also prevent further spread of decay.

Protects the Family

Having a regular tree service will prevent sudden injuries to those who use the property. Cracked branches can fall at any moment. Therefore, regular service will allow you to avoid such accidents.

Pruning will also help to reduce the weight of the tree as it will become less likely to fall during harsh weather. Tree branches are also known to fall during a snowstorm, severe rain or even constant strain of heavy loads.

With proper maintenance, your exterior landscape will look great with clean trees as well as add on to the value of the property.

Protect the Property

When tree branches hang over the home, this can cause damage during harsh weather and high winds. Over time, the cost will continue to grow stronger and eventually cause roof leaks.

Trees that are uncared for and let to grow will also grow into the power lines and create a risk of damage to the lines along with power loss. While most utility companies check these cautions, it is usually the homeowner’s responsibility to handle the task. Once the branches become unruly, they can break off and hit your roof or other parts of the home.

Regular Trims will Increase Sun Exposure

Pruning your trees will not only increase sun exposure to the home but also allow air to circulate through the landscape. This will improve the health of the tree as well as the home.

Opens up the property and improves the overall view

Tree trimming should be done more than just once a year. For starters, look towards early spring before the start of the new growth. Any fruit trees should also be pruned during winter to allow the center of the tree to be exposed to light and build a great start for growth in the spring.


Sure, maintaining your trees and the exterior landscape isn’t easy but hiring a regular tree service will help you with the upkeep.

4 Ways to Save Money on Tree Removals

While removing dying and diseases trees isn’t a favorite task for any homeowner, there is just no way around it. While tree removal services can be a bit pricey, there are ways to get your costs down. Hiring a local tree service to remove a tree may cost a few hundred to a thousand dollars. However, all it takes is some research and knowing what to do.

Here are four ways to save money on tree removals.

Trimming the tree

Depending on the nature of the condition, cutting the tree might be the best way to avoid a costly tree removal. If the tree is still alive, consider cutting back the dead branches to help the overall health come back to life.

If the tree is growing near the power line, this could be a possible safety issue. Consider asking the utility company if they are willing to share the bill or your home owner’s insurance.

Research and Get For Estimates

The best way to save money is by choosing a trusted tree service. While selecting a low-qualified tree will cost less, this can also lead to more problems in the long run. Trying to cut down trees yourself will increase the chances of injury and property damage. Be sure to choose a qualified tree removal service.

To do this, you must search for free estimates for your service. However, don’t expect to get an exact price over the phone. The company must visit the place and have a better look at the tree. This will help them determine what equipment they need.

Be sure to expect roller coaster prices as professionals may provide a high estimate for as much as $1,500 while another company might charge $600. This is because they are not following the rules of insurance, certification or even workmen’s comp. Even if you try to save a few bucks, you as a homeowner can be sued if a worker without insurance is hurt on the job.

Carefully Check Who You Hire

Be sure to review every credential and never pay in advance. If the company is asking for full payment before the project, you will not be able to get your money back if they decide not to complete the job. Make a written contract to be sure you are both on the same page.

Ask About Any Promos or Discounts

Ask your potential tree service company if they are offering and discounts or promotions for their services. This can often be expected during the winter months. Consider getting the full service at once rather than going for one tree now and another one later.

Most of the costs come from the initial startup. Some companies also offer a homeowner’s discount if they plan to do the log hopping and to grind themselves.


Another way to prevent the stress of tree removal is to keep the trees healthy and vigorous. If the branches are still too high, this will put pressure on where the branches come from the trunk.

Top 4 Reasons to Hire A Professional Tree Service

This is a guest blog post from Charlotte tree service company, TreeBien Tree Care. Visit their website for more information.

Do you need to get your tree trunks or branches removed? No matter how damaged or overgrown the branches are, it is important to give your proper tree treatment. While you might think that you are capable of doing the job, these are the type of tasks that should be left to the professionals.

Here are the top four reasons to hire a professional tree service.

Prevent Property Damage

Removing the tree yourself will increase the risk of harm to your property. Without proper knowledge and skills, you will face danger when trying to remove the tree. This could cost you a few extra thousand dollars in repairs for any damage to your home. If the tree is large, you will not be able to see any potential dangers that experts will see.

Ensure Safety

When it comes to removing a tree, this task requires power tools specially made for the job. If they are used wrong, this can lead to unexpected circumstances and disasters. A professional tree removal service will know how to use the tools efficiently.

Removing a tree from the property requires more than just cutting it down. The tree must be cut down, disassembled and removed. If you are inexperienced, you may not know where to start. Save you and your family the trouble and hire a professional to complete the job.

Save Some Money

While you may think that doing the work yourself will help save money, hiring a professional tree service is a cost-effective solution. If you plan on removing the trees yourself, you will have to purchase the tools to do it. This means you will spend time looking for the right products, buying them, and then actually learning how to use them. A certified company will schedule the appointment and remove your tree as well as help clean up afterward.

Do the Job Right

When you decide to hire a professional, you will rest assured that the task will be done correctly and the trees will be removed. A certified tree service will care about the overall job and make sure the job is done properly. They will use their knowledge and expertise to remove the tree with the use of their long-term practices.

When you attempt to remove the trees yourself, you may not be successful. Your attempt might result in a constant service that will continue longer than expected. This may even lead to poor results and an unattractive view of the yard.


If you want to achieve a successful tree removal experience, don’t be afraid to hire assistance with a professional. They will provide all the knowledge and resources you need to remove the tree from your yard. Hiring a professional tree service will give you the best results and the landscape you desire for your home.

7 Landscaping Tips that Will Help Increase the Value and Aesthetics of Your Home

Selling your home is a big decision and often go hand-in-hand with life-changing events. To help you get the price you want and increase your home’s value, there are a few landscaping things you can do. These little tips will make your property more valuable and inviting. Trees increase house value, that is a fact. Now, follow these tips to further increase your home’s value:

Use plants as barriers

Plant plants that can act as a visual or sound barrier. If you have noisy neighbors or they can see into your yard and you would prefer that they can’t, ask your nursery which shrubs and plants will do the job. This will increase your chances from a buyer’s point of view.

Create lawn edges

This is a very simple process. It is the smallest thing you can do to improve the look of your house and improve its buying appeal and value. Define the edges between grass and walkways and grass and flower beds. This makes your garden look neat and trimmed. It also gives the impression of low maintenance which is always a good selling point.

Reduce the number of plant species

Fewer plant species makes your garden easier to maintain. Don’t just stick to one or two, but try and limit it to some extent. A variety of plant species is good because it encourages biodiversity and reduces pest impact. It also extends flowering times and makes your garden look inviting and interesting. So, keep variety, but tone it down.

Mulch and weed your flower beds

This is another way to make your garden look low maintenance. Mulching and weeding your flower beds makes everything look neat and well-cared for. Use utility mulch like pine bark or forest fines.

Add some color and life

Use potted plants in entryways and strategically across the garden to give it color and make it come alive. A garden that looks inviting and like a haven is a great selling point and will always get the attention of potential buyers. You can take the planters or pots to your new home, so no money spent unnecessarily.

Trim with care

Trimming trees and plants and cleaning up your garden is a good idea. However, avoid going overboard and giving your garden a ‘hacked’ look. It is always best to hire professionals to trim trees, but if you do it yourself, do it with care. You should also keep in mind nesting times for birds. If there are nests in your trees, you should avoid trimming altogether or get a specialist to help you. There are laws that pertain to trimming and cutting down tree.

Well-placed trees

Trees that are planted in spots where they block excessive sun during summer and allow the sun in during winter, will always be a good selling point. This will definitely increase your home’s value as trees that are planted strategically will reduce energy use.

It’s as simple as that. None of these tips require excessive money spending or hard labor. You just need to clean up, trim down, and add some color and you’re golden.

Image by: www.akinadesigns.com

5 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof Before Listing Your Home

This is a guest post from Charlotte NC roofing company, Evergreen Construction Solutions. For more information, visit their website at: https://www.evergreenroofingnc.com.

The roof of a house is one of the most expensive things to install, repair, and replace. It is also a big selling point when you want to sell your house. A roof that is new looks good and attracts buyers, while a roof that looks old or damaged will do the exact opposite. If you are wondering whether you should replace your roof before placing the house on the market, considering the following things.

Replacing the roof will increase the house value. A new roof will increase the re-sell value of a house. The roof is an important part of the house and a new one will go a lot further than one that needs extensive repairs. The extent to which the value will increase depends on different factors like location, age, etc.

A new roof will leave no room for negotiations about lowering the price. When roof or other repairs need to be done when a house is on the market, the buyers can negotiate to lower the buying price because of these repairs. They can also require or negotiate that the sellers fix it before they buy.

Consider the cost versus value ratio. Before replacing your roof, find out what you are likely to get back. In other words, evaluate what the cost recoup value is. You can find these statistics on the Internet or possibly from real estate companies. Consider whether it is worth replacing the roof based on what you are likely to get back from those costs.

Have a roof inspection done. Sometimes a roof may be a bit old, but still in a good condition. To determine the exact condition of your roof, hire a roof inspector to do a maintenance inspection and service. If there are any repairs that can be done to improve the roof condition, consider that. These repairs may be more affordable than replacing the whole roof. Sometimes, replacing the roof is not the right option. It could be in a good enough condition that replacing it will be unnecessary. This will also save you money.

Consider your budget. Replacing a roof is not a cheap process. Roof replacements will cost you a lot and may not be worth it. If you cannot afford to replace the roof, rather opt for cheaper solutions like repairs or painting. If the roof is still in a good condition, you shouldn’t have any problems. The problem comes in when there are serious problems that you cannot fix.

It is important to take good care of your roof and have roofing specialists do an inspection and the necessary repairs annually. This will reduce the chances of your house needing a new roof. Installing or replacing a roof will always be expensive and you need to keep this in mind when you want to sell your house. Take good care of it from the beginning and you will have a house that has a good value and looks good.

Selling Your Home? These are the Features Potential Buyers are Looking for When Buying a New House

Modern bathrooms that are recently updated. A prime feature that buyers look at, is the bathrooms. Bathrooms that have recently been remodeled or updated will be an attraction. If the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with both shower and bath, the chances for selling is even better. The bathrooms should be clean, have all the necessities without being cramped, and have modern fixtures.

Good conditions of the interior and exterior of the house. When potential buyers view a house, they are more likely to consider a house that is well-kept and clean. No paint chipping off, no ceiling stains or water damage, and just overall clean and neat will bring you far.

Finished basements for entertainment. A basement that has already been transformed into a den or bar or games room, will sell the house faster. If the basement looks like it is from a ghost story, the appeal drops immediately.

Fireplaces in common areas. A fireplace may not be a deal-breaker, but it will be a plus point. A fireplace in the living room is a win. Fireplaces in other rooms like the kitchen or dining room are also great.

Enough closet space to fit their needs. Closet space is very important. There needs to be enough space in every room to suit the needs of the adults and the children. There should also be a lot of kitchen cupboards and a pantry is a big plus.

Spacious and modern kitchens. Even if many people live on take-out, they still want that perfect kitchen. The ones who will use the kitchen will definitely be looking out for good appliances, good layout, good space, and functionality.

People look at many other features, but these were the ones we thought most important for today. Before selling your house, try and get these things in place if they aren’t already.


5 Rules of Real Estate That All Buyers, Sellers, and Estate Agents Must Keep in Mind

Buying and selling your house is always a big business and it can be very stressful. If you keep these 5 rules in mind, you will be off to a good start. This is especially for when buying a house. You can never be too prepared or ask too many questions. Apart from that, also follow these 5 rules.

  1. Get pre-approval. Before you put an offer on a house, make sure you have pre-approval. This means that the bank or other financial institution is willing to continue down the road with you. This gives you and the estate agent peace of mind. Get your pre-approval letter before you put in an offer. Some real estate agents may not even allow you to put in an offer without it.
  2. Use a real estate agent. Selling houses is what real estate agents do. They will be able to recognize issues or potential problems with the house or the sellers that you may not pick up on. They negotiate contracts and close deals everyday. This means that they are better at this than you. Get a real estate agent to help make the process a little less confusing.
  3. Deposit. Have money set aside to pay the deposit on the house you want to buy. This goes hand-in-hand with the pre-approval. It is another way of showing the agent and sellers that you are serious and can be trusted. Ask your agent to explain all the regulations and contingencies around putting down a deposit.
  4. Sell yourself. Don’t make the offer or pay the deposit and sit back and wait. Connect with the agent and the sellers. Tell them your story and what your hopes and dreams are for the house. Many home sellers want to know that their homes are going to be in good hands.
  5. View homes. There are many online tools and ways of seeing what a house looks like. The best way is still to go in person and tour the house yourself. This way you can see first-hand what you are buying and whether you will like it.

Follow these rules and you will soon have your dream home.

Qualities That are a Sign of a Great Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are everywhere. You will find several different agents in the same area all competing for business. How do you know which agent to hire? What can you look for to make the decision? We have done some research and found the qualities that will point you to a great estate agent.

Communication. A good estate agent will communicate clearly with you. He or she will also contact you quickly to let you know where things stand with your buying or selling a property. Buying or selling a house is stressful and clear communication helps reduce the stress because you know what is going on.

Listen. The estate agent should not be the one doing all the talking. You should be the ones asking questions and explaining what you are looking for. An agent who talks too much might be a sign of trouble. A good agent will listen and make sure he or she knows what the clients want.

Proactive. A good agent is constantly in contact with clients. He or she phones and canvasses for potential clients – buyers or sellers. The good agent is always following new leads and keeping active. They do not sit and wait for the next client to come to them

References. Good real estate agents will not hesitate to give their last 20 or so clients as references. If the agent is good, their clients will have good things to say and he or she will have nothing to hide. If an agent is vague about previous clients, it is a sign to walk away. If a good agent had a bad experience at one time, he or she will most likely be upfront about it and explain what happened.

Clients first. A good agent will always put the clients first. If the client gets a good deal and is happy, the agent gets the same. Good real estate agents always put their buyers or sellers first.

These things are signs of a good real estate agent. If yours have these qualities, you are in good hands.